Columbus Park Boardwalk & Trail

M.J. Cataldo, Inc. was awarded the contract for the Columbus Park Boardwalk & Trail improvement project.

  • Year: 2022
  • Client: City of Worcester
  • Location: Worcester, Mass.
  • Project Type: Municipality

About This Project

Previously largely inaccessible due to its steep banks, the City of Worcester contracted M.J. Cataldo Inc. with expanding access to this green space on the banks of Coes Reservoir. Part of a significant accessibility expansion, this park is key component of 5 miles of walking trails and significantly expanded recreational opportunities. 

Our Work Included: 

  • Site clearing, including tree removal and loam stripping, while monitoring wetland area
  • Boardwalk construction, including helical piles to support the 1,300 LF IPE boardwalk
  • Construction of bird blind, fishing pier, amphitheater, outdoor classroom, and more
  • Landscaping, including wetland replication plantings and a porous paver walkway

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