Concord Academy

Moriarty Athletic Campus

M.J. Cataldo, Inc. did all of the site development and landscaping for Concord Academy’s 13.5-acre athletic campus.

  • Year: 2012
  • Client: C.E. Floyd
  • Location: Concord, Mass.
  • Project Type: Athletic Campus

About this Project

Construction of the 13.5 acre project started with the demolition of the well known Arena Farm alongside busy Route 2 in Concord, MA.

M.J Cataldo, Inc. then began grading of the baseball field, along with two large athletic fields. This work required extensive drainage, which directed water into multiple landscaped biorentention ponds throughout the facility. Development of the  baseball diamond required a steep excavation, resulting in a 78,095′ tall x 50,034′ long gabion basket retaining wall to support the heavy Route 2 traffic above. 

Later stages of the project required excavation for the fieldhouse foundation, grading and block walls for the tennis courts, water and sewer connections, stone dust walkways, granite pavers,  installation of granite curbing, asphalt parking lot, landscaping and a pond fed irrigation system. 


“Cataldo did an absolutely incredible job. They came in on time when we were under immense pressure. We are grateful and look forward to working with Cataldo again.” 

~ Don Kingman, Director of Campus Planning at Concord Academy

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