Hicks Farm Residential Development

  • Year: 2021 – Ongoing
  • Client: 124 MSW, LLC.
  • Location: Westford, Mass.
  • Project Type: Residential Construction

About This Project

124 MSW, LLC. acquired the R.M. Hicks Builders property in Westford and are in the process of reimagining this iconic site. The residential development marries the historic context with beautiful and contemporary residential living spaces, each set within a site sensitive landscaping design. 

Our Work Included:

  • Demolition of the former R.M. Hicks Builders office building and garages
  • Site development for two new single family residential homes and four townhouses
  • Construction of two new single family homes
  • Renovation of existing farmhouse into two townhouses
  • Construction of new carriage house for two new townhouses
  • Landscaping

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