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Work has begun on the Davis Road Boardwalk – a vital link for pedestrians to get from the Davis Road neighborhoods up to Concord Road and the Town campus.

The crew from MJ Cataldo of Littleton, MA has been working on the first phase, installing the helical piles to support the structure.  Due to the type of soils through the White Cedar Swamp, Bedford DPW designed the boardwalk to be set on these piles which are augured through the organic layer to the underlying soils which can support the structure.

In some areas, the piles have been drilled to 43 feet deep.  Once the piles are in place, pre-fabricated galvanized frames are installed and bolted to the pile caps.

The next phase of the project will include wood decking, handrails, and tension-cable siding.

In the spring, asphalt sidewalks will be installed to connect the boardwalk to the existing sidewalks on Davis Road and Revolutionary Ridge Road.